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Parents/Guardians who don’t make 70k combine are eligible to apply for the scholarship program where the student athletes will be able to train at a discounted rate of $50/session. If you'd like to be considered, fill out the form below. If you are selected, you will have to provide income verification.

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Pickle Juice Company  

206 S. Town East Blvd, Mesquite, Texas, United States 75149


Pickle Juice is the only product on the market scientifically proven to stop muscle cramps. A cramp happens because it is the neurological response to a physiological problem. Whether you are missing something from your diet, exhausted from exercise, or dealing with poor circulation: Pickle Juice uses a proprietary grain and blend of vinegar that blocks that nerve signal being sent from brain to muscle. Not only will Pickle Juice stop you from cramping immediately, but it will help you recover with our blend of vitamins and minerals.


Sign Day Sports


Signing Day Sports is a digital ecosystem to help athletes get discovered and recruited by coaches across the country.


Global Medical

Diagnosing- Treating - Reversing 

Scottsdale, Arizona 



Weiss Center For Health & Medical

Carefree, Arizona 


The Weiss Center for Health and Medicine, combines cutting edge technology such as a bedside ultrasound and at home testing, with the fundamentals of natural models of medicine. Whether it is a nutritional supplement or a pharmaceutical, an abdominal adjustment or stem cells, they cover it all in a way that can verify the improvement each patient experiences in their own way. Welcome! I hope to have the honor to serve you. 

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