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Group              Training

All winter sessions are held on Monday and Friday. It is best for your young athlete to have a consistent practice schedule, so we advise that you make as many practices as you can during the breaks. 

Athletes can join the winter season and attend the sessions at any time. 

Cactus Aquatic Park - Outdoors

7202 E. Cactus Rd • Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Huff Athletics Club Facility - Indoors

12228 N Cave Creek Rd • Phoenix, AZ  85022

Enroll your child in winter training today.
Use code WINTERSQUAD to get 20% discount on all sessions! Save big and keep your young athlete consistent!


Youth 6-13yrs: 4:30 - 5:30pm

$50 per session | $250 Season 

Limited to only 10 athletes

Cactus Aquatic Park ​

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Highschool 14-18yrs: 6pm-7pm 

$60 per session | $300 Season 

Limited to only 10 athletes

Huff Athletic Club

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We put a focus on speed development for athletes by training the proper technique required to run faster. These sports include lacrosse, football, tennis, men and women’s soccer, track and field as well as baseball/softball. The participation has grown a ton which means the need for training has grown as well.


Speed and Agility Training involves interval training with explosive/powerful training movements that build your muscles for faster running and movements. This class includes dynamic warm-ups and a combination of sprints, plyometrics, speed ladder, strength training and change of direction cone drills. These are fundamental speed exercises and athletic movements 

Speed & Agility - All Sports (4 Weeks)
Mon & Fri  | Nov 26 - Dec 31

Jan 1, 2024 - March 18, 2024

Weekly M / F

Youth 6-13yrs: 9 - 10am

$45 per session | **$725 Season

Limited to only 12 athletes

Cactus Aquatic Park ​

** Equals 7 free sessions! Additional discount for multiple sibling/cousin athletes

We put a focus on proper technique, form, and mechanics. This class includes dynamic warm-ups and a combination of footwork, position drills, catching drills, strength training andcone drills. These are fundamental athletic skills needed for football. 

Winter Training - Football (12 Weeks)


 7v7 Youth Football

Competitive: Tryouts Dec 28, 2023 

5v5 Flag Football

FundamentalsRegistration open 


To be competitive, one has to be consistent! Your young athlete can attend any practice session with elite trainers throughout the month! Imagine how many skills your child will develop after 60+ hours of focused practice! 


70% off $2600! 

Competitive 7v7 Youth Football

Tryouts Dec 28, 2023 

Fundamentals 5v5 Flag Football

Registration open 

Youth Teams 

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