Summer Football Group Sessions 

Mon-Friday 10am-11am (Youth & HS)

 $35 per session or 400 monthly for 20 sessions.


Defensive Back Training

Mon- Friday 8am-9am 


Summer Speed Training (All Sports)

Mon-Wed-Friday 9am-10am  (Youth & HS)

$35 per session or 350 monthly 

12 sessions 


Fundamental Tackle Training 

Monday & Thursday 7:00am-8am  $40 per session (Youth on Monday) 

(HS on Thursday)

  • Body Posture- Staying shoulder with apart, keeping head up, 

  • Eye, head and hand placement - Your eyes should concentrate on the hips of the ball carrier. Control comes from the eyes 

  • Acceleration - Getting to the ball carrier and leaving limited space

  • Shimmy/Hot Feet -Breaking down under control to make the tackle 

  • Contact Point - When meeting the ball carrier 

  • Shoulder - should be parallel when you gather to tackle. This will allow you to react properly in either direction.

  • Wrapping Up - Upon contact, your arms should come up alongside the ball carrier. You lock your arms around the body of the ball carrier. If you cannot lock, then grab as much cloth of the ball carrier as you possibly can. The combination of arms and legs will determine whether the ball carrier falls forward or backwards after contact.

  • Legs /Glutes- Your legs are very important in getting lift into your tackle. Your legs also are essential in driving the ball carrier backwards following initial contact. The ability to move your legs “through” a ball carrier is essential.